River Cruises on the Kowie River

Choose from a variety of river cruises to either relax or party down the Kowie River

We caught up with Integrity River Cruises to find out what you can experience on a cruise down the Kowie!

Explore the Beauty of the Kowie River with Integrity River Cruises!

Cruising along the tranquil waters of Port Alfred, our large 30-passenger barge is manned by two expert skippers who not only know their way around the river but are also trained in first aid and firefighting—ensuring your safety is our top priority.

Starting from the Port Alfred Small Boat Harbour on Halyard’s Hotel Jetty, our cruises offer total comfort with cozy seating arranged around the deck and bar area. Get ready for uninterrupted views of the river’s beauty—whether it’s playful fish, colourful birdlife, or even the occasional wildlife sighting, like giraffes on nearby hillsides or local game reserves.

Join us for a Public Cruise starting at just R175 per person for a leisurely 2-hour tour, or opt for a shorter 1-hour cruise at R125 per person. Feel free to pack your own snacks and beverages—we’ve got glasses onboard and even allow alcohol, just remember to enjoy responsibly. Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity available, you can set the vibe with your favourite tunes as we cruise along.

Planning a private celebration? Our cruises offer the perfect setting, complete with a braai facility for some onboard grilling fun. Departing from the Halyards Hotel Jetty, our cruises promise a memorable experience for all.

So, grab your crew and come aboard Integrity River Cruises for an unforgettable journey on the Kowie River. Book your spot today! For more information, please visit their website: www.icruises.co.za

Contact Information: Mark: 073 577 0995, mark@icruises.co.za

Sarah: 071 464 2001, sarah@icruises.co.za

Dylan: 071 568 6962, dylan@icruises.co.za


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