aKING Performing at the Bands At The Beach Fest

aKING has carved its name in the country’s music scene with a unique blend of rock, alternative, and indie influences. Formed in 2007 in Cape Town, their music resonates with a broad audience and is characterized by meaningful lyrics, captivating melodies, and a sound that effortlessly crosses genres.

The band gained significant recognition with their debut album, “Dutch Courage,” released in 2008. This album marked the beginning of aKING’s journey to the forefront of South African music, showcasing their ability to craft emotionally charged and memorable songs. The success of “Dutch Courage” set the stage for subsequent releases, including albums like “Against All Odds” and “Morning After.”

Known for their powerful live performances, aKING has become a staple in the South African music festival circuit. Their shows are celebrated for the raw energy and authenticity that the band brings to the stage. The quartet’s musical evolution over the years reflects a commitment to growth and experimentation while staying true to their artistic roots.

aKING’s impact extends beyond their albums and concerts. They have played a vital role in shaping the contemporary South African music landscape, inspiring a new generation of musicians. With catchy tunes, heartfelt lyrics, and a dynamic stage presence, aKING continues to capture the hearts of fans across the country.

Tennis Tournament A Smash

Tennis Tournament A Smash

Juniors and adults brought their A-games to make the two-day Port Alfred Easter Tennis Tournament a smash. Junior Tennis Tournament The Port Alfred Easter Festival presented by Sunshine Coast Port Alfred Tourism held a Junior Tennis Tournament on March 30th at the...

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