Fishing Competition A Resounding Success Despite Conditions

Local support and comradery make for a great event despite the cold water.

The annual Species Spectacular Easter Fishing Competition is a highly anticipated event in Port Alfred, South Africa, bringing together fishing enthusiasts to fish for a set list of species, compete and celebrate their love for the sport. This year, 17 boats took to the water to participate in the competition, which focused on catching seven distinct species of fish.

Despite challenging weather conditions characterised by cold water following an Easterly wind, the competition saw some impressive catches, including Deon Botha’s 6.24-kilogram kob, Anton van Aardt’s 4.03-kilogram stockfish (hake), Tom Cawood’s 1.87-kilogram Roman, and Jonathan Riddin’s 2.76-kilogram Dageraat. Zeeman emerged as the top boat, with Deon Botha taking the title of top angler.

“What sets the Species Spectacular apart from other fishing competitions is its emphasis on diversity and community spirit,” said Anthony du Bruin, the chairman of the Port Alfred Ski Boat Club, which organizes the event. “The event is not just about catching the biggest fish; it’s about celebrating the shared passion of all participants and fostering a sense of camaraderie among them. Also, by spreading the target species, we are doing our bit to sustainable sport fishing practices.”

The event brings together seasoned anglers and newcomers alike, creating a sense of community and camaraderie that is both unique and inspiring. “We were really fortunate to have great sponsors and it wouldn’t have been possible without them. Thanks to the likes of Buco, Varnam Farms, Postnet and St Andrews.”

“In addition to the species spectacular, Dave Duncan decided to put up an extra 10 grand for the person that would catch a game fish,” said du Bruin. “This unexpected twist added another layer of excitement, highlighting the generosity and sportsmanship that define the event.” One boat managed to land a fair-sized tuna which claimed the R10 000 prize.

Looking ahead, the Port Alfred Ski Boat Club is committed to expanding its reach and attracting external anglers while maintaining its focus on inclusivity and community spirit. Despite the challenges of scheduling the event during the Easter holiday period, the enduring allure of the sea and the unbreakable bonds forged in pursuit of the perfect catch ensure that the Species Spectacular will continue to be a beloved tradition for years to come.

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